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Obscure Institute for Selfish Technology Experimental Research:

A computer education company, providing tools for re-examining relationships with technology and resisting Silicon Valley monoculture.


Acquire critical thinking skills

Technology touches every facet of our lives, and in many ways this is a good thing. However, we are deprived of the language and knowledge we need in order to engage with its role in our life critically and responsibly. 

Passive consumption is a learned behavior. With some practice, anyone can learn to see with an active lens. Maybe these short worksheets and readings can help.


Have fun and be glamorous

It would be nice, for this venture to never be at the mercy of a cis-het-White man. Stickers seem like a more valuable way to raise money than an ICO (would you rather have a sticker or a virtual "token"?). 

Plus, they feature super-fun hacked passwords. The icon for passwords are always locks, but locks and passwords really don't work the same way or mean the same thing at all, do they?


Change the world

Through active engagement and critical thinking, we can better see and subsequently shape the world around us. 

What is a democratic personality, and how can we cultivate it?